advantages of fully automatic moulding line

advantages of fully automatic moulding line

6 advantages of fully automatic moulding line:

1. It can improve the quality of castings. The surface is smooth and clean, the outline is clear, and the size is accurate. The mold has high hardness and uniformity, and it is easy to draw.

automatic moulding line

2. The service life of mold and sand box is longer.

automatic moulding

3. It can simplify equipment, save investment, and reduce various maintenance costs during operation. Reduce mixtures, additions and sand mixing equipment in related stations. The reuse rate of used sand is over 95%, equipment investment is reduced by 30%, equipment power is 60% of wet type, and labor is reduced by 35%.

4. High metal utilization rate: The metal has good fluidity in the V method, and has strong filling capacity, and can cast thin-walled parts of 30mm. The mold has high hardness and slow cooling time. Feeding can be used to reduce the size of the riser. Therefore, the process yield rate can be increased and the processing allowance can be reduced.

automatic casting

5. Conducive to environmental protection and reduce pollution. It is believed that the use of binder-free dry sand eliminates the need for binders, additions or drying procedures for sand molds in other casting processes, reduces environmental pollution, and is a green casting process.

6. Stable parts quality

automatic moulding line

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