Castings from housings to flanges

Castings from housings to flanges

Aluminium castings production is increasing

Global casting production continues to grow. In percentage terms, the growth rates for aluminium castings are certainly higher than those for the other alloys, but more than 70% of all castings are still produced in iron: nodular, malleable and grey iron. In the major countries, this part of the market has been subject to a continuous concentration process.

casting housing

Production is automated, continuously optimized and the number of operators minimized. The foundry equipment industry is actively involved in and supporting foundries in this development.

Large-scale production is being optimized, production lines are getting ever more complex.

iron casting

And there is another side to the foundry industry: the many small and medium-sized, often family-owned foundries that supply customers in their immediate regions with the everyday, small-series castings that are also needed all around the world.

These small and medium-sized operations can be found anywhere, not just in industrialized countries.

iron foundry

They’re the overwhelming majority of foundries and contribute to the smooth running of life everywhere.

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