Diaphragm actuator parts diaphragm valve parts

Diaphragm actuator parts diaphragm valve parts

diaphragm actuator parts

The pneumatic rolling diaphragm actuator is designed for all industrial applications. 

This actuator is a linear motion device ideal for valve sizes ranging from the micro-flow valves to large 20"+ globe control valves. The thrust force of the actuator depends on the actuator area, pneumatic supply pressure, spring stiffness, distance traveled, initial compression of the spring, the number of springs internal to the actuator, etc.

Size120 to 2x2800cm2
Rated travel
7.5 to 160 mm
Available thrust0.72 to 151.2 kN
Parts options

handwheel, valve body, valve bonnet, stem,

valve disc, forging plate and so on.

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