Ductile Iron Chemical Composition

Ductile Iron Chemical Composition

Ductile iron is also called as nodular iron or SG iron. Its chemical composition did not have strict range for many material standards, however, its range should be useful for buyers to evaluate the quality of cast iron.

Therefore, we list some normal standards to show the reasonable range of ductile iron. The chemical components are only a reference, not a strict standard to the material. Our foundry could adjust its chemical components according to our experience and client's requirement in order to meet the physical properties.


Here is the  Chemical Compositioin of Ductile Cast Iron 

ductile iron composition.jpg

In our foundry, we have capability to inspect the chemical component during production and after production by chemical analysis lab or by spectrometer/spectrum. We can issue the inspection reports to clients for each furnace if necessary. The customers can send their samples to the third party for inspection. However, most clients will not do so, because there is no strict chemical limits for ductile iron, the most important standard to cast iron should be mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, hardness and so on. Even if the chemical composition were out of the normal ranges, but the mechanical properties are qualified, then the castings were still qualified. The chemical compostion are just a reference data.


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