Main metal casting process in China

Main metal casting process in China

Metal Casting Processes in China

In order to let the clients know better about China metal casting processes, we would like to make a brief introduction about their characters, differences and applications.

1. Sand Casting Process - iron casting/steel casting/aluminium casting

Sand casting processes mainly include green sandresin sand casting, and shell mold casting process. The green sand processes include manual green sand molding, molding machine, and automatic molding line.

Sand casting processes are very common in China, most of metal foundries are mainly using sand casting processes to produce metal castings. These processes have low production costs, simple technical requirements, and high production rate. So, sand casting foundries are the most common process in China.


2. Metal Mold Casting Process

Metal mold casting process is not common in China, only few metal foundries are using this process. Although the metal patterns are heat resisting metals, they can not bear too high temperature, so only can produce some metal castings with lower melting temperature, such as aluminum, zinc or bronze castings.

The shortage of metal mold casting process is low production rate, but advantage is good surface quality, and less casting defects, especially no sand holes.

3. Lost wax investment casting process.

Lost wax investment casting process mainly includes two types of materials, one uses water glass, the other uses silica solution . Both two casting processes will need to use the yellow wax. 

Investment casting process normally has been used to produce steel castings, especially small steel castings. They are not suitable to produce large castings . The advantages for this process are the good surface quality, accurate dimensions and less casting defects, but the disadvantages are their high production costs. 

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