Turbocharger Parts - Bearing Housing

Turbocharger Parts - Bearing Housing

Bearing Housing - important turbocharger parts

DY Castings is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of turbocharger parts, mainly include bearing housing, turbine housing, compressor housing, turbine wheel, compressor wheel and so on..

Just as the name suggests, the bearing housing houses the thrust bearing and journal bearings, and provides them with the oiling circuits so that they can operate freely. In some turbochargers, the bearing housing also houses a water-cooling system. Bearing housings are typically manufactured from heavyweight cast iron.

bearing housing

turbocharger bearing housing

ductile iron bearing housingbearing housing

Other parts available for turbocharger: 

aluminium casting compressor housing

iron casting bearing housing

compressor wheel

turbine wheel and shaft

guard plate

side plate

intake pipe

exhaust manifold 

and so on. 

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