Valves Parts - Choosing Between Ductile and Grey Iron

Valves Parts - Choosing Between Ductile and Grey Iron

Valves Parts - Choosing Between Ductile and Grey Iron

Customers from all kinds of industries need valves of all varieties for their high-demand processes. Valves are available in a huge number of materials for any application imaginable. Most of them are from, cast steel, cast aluminium, cast iron (grey iron) and ductile iron. In this post we will focus on two of those materials: ductile iron and cast grey iron. 

Luckily, comparing valves made of ductile iron and cast grey iron, as these materials have just a few major differences. We will outline properties of both materials and then go through the pros and cons of each. By the end of this blog post, you will be an iron expert!

ductile iron casting


  • Cast Grey Iron: Cast grey iron is a strong material that can handle higher pressures than just about any plastic. When rated pressure of a cast iron valve or pipe is exceeded however, it can bend and crack. Cast grey iron has virtually zero ductility, meaning it is rigid and will crack if bent. Cast iron will also rust over time, so regular maintenance must be done to keep your valve clear of corrosion.

  • Ductile Iron: Ductile iron also has impressive structural integrity. It can handle high pressures and temperatures without flinching. Thanks to its ductile nature,
    this material is also less likely to crack when bent. Ductile iron will also rust over time, but not as easily as cast iron.

Ease of Installation

  • Cast Grey Iron: This material gives the user many options when it comes to installation. Cast iron valves are typically bolted using flanges. Welding is difficult, but not impossible. Our cast iron valves are available with flanged ends, as this is a great method for high or low pressure applications.

  • Ductile Iron: Ductile iron, because of its structural similarities to cast iron, gives the user many of the same installation options. Welding is not recommended,
    but bolting with the use of flanges is still the best option for most applications.

grey iron casting


  • Cast Grey Iron: Cast grey iron valves, due to their simpler manufacturing process, will save you a significant amount money compared to ductile iron valves. If you do not need the added benefits that ductile iron provides, cast iron is the smart move.

  • Ductile Iron: Ductile iron is the more expensive option, but for good reason. It has properties that give it clear advantages over cast iron in many situations.

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