What Does Aluminum Casting Mean?

What Does Aluminum Casting Mean?

What is Metal Casting?

Metal casting is defined as the process in which molten metal is poured into a mould that contains a hollow cavity of a desired geometrical shape and allowed to cool down to form a solidified part.

aluminium casting

Advantages of metal casting

  • Metal casting can produce complex shapes

  • Features like internal cavities or hollow sections can be easily achieved

  • Large components can be produced in one-piece cast

  • Materials that are difficult or expensive to manufacture using other manufacturing processes can be cast

  • Compared to other manufacturing processes, casting is cheaper for medium to large quantities

  • Almost all the metals can be cast

  • Near net shape often without or very minor post-processing

Because of the above reasons metal casting is one of the important net shape manufacturing technologies. Others include net shape forging, stamping of sheet metal, additive manufacturing and metal injection moulding.

aluminium casting parts

What Does Aluminum Casting Mean?

Aluminum casting is a type of metalworking process that involves pouring liquid metal into a mold or form. Aluminum casting is a variation of this that uses only aluminum and aluminum alloys as the liquid metal that is poured into the mold. Aluminum castings are used to make complex and detailed parts very efficiently.

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