What is Aluminium Casting?

What is Aluminium Casting?

China aluminium casting foundry - cast aluminium parts

As for the demands continue to rise for lightweight designs in the automotive industry (turbocharger parts),many aerospace and defence components, HR foundry has added the aluminium casting into our portfolio. The aluminium casting as a metal, it is not only superior quality but also offers low cost product ratio, as well as are light in weight.

Aluminium castings presently find application in a wide ranges like automotive Industries, Defence segment, Medical Segment and Aerospace and Space Shuttles and Satellites, power plant and electrical associated industries. With present modern Investment Casting foundry, pattern making shop & machining shop as well as arrangements for heat treatment & ultrasonic (X-ray) tests also help us to improve quality of aluminium Investment castings and deliver the qualified products to our valued customers in time.


Aluminum Casting Application :

  • Space Shuttles and Satellites parts.

  • Aerospace Components.

  • Military and Defence parts.

  • Medical & Orthopedic Implants Segment.

  • Planetary Research and Exploration related parts.

  • Electrical Parts.

  • Lost Wax Investment Casting Process

  • Automotive parts

  • Parts for Power Plants

  • Turbocharger parts (turbocharger impeller, turbine housing)

  • Engine parts


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