What is Metal Casting?

What is Metal Casting?

What is Metal Casting?

metal casting

Metal casting is defined as the process in which molten metal is poured into a mould that contains a hollow cavity of a desired geometrical shape and allowed to cool down to form a solidified part. The term ‘casting’ is also used to describe the part made by the casting process which dates back 6000 years. 

iron casting

Metal casting can be divided into two groups by the basic nature of the mould design. i.e. expendable mould and permanent mould castings. It can be further subdivided into groups depending on their pattern material.

aluminium casting

metal casting

  • Expendable Mould

    • Lost foam

    • Investment casting

    • Sand casting

    • Plaster moulding

    • Shell mould

    • Ceramic mould

    • Permanent pattern

    • Expendable pattern

  • Permanent mould

    • Gravity casting

    • Low pressure/vacuum

    • Die casting

iron casting

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