What Is the Aluminum Casting Process?

What Is the Aluminum Casting Process?

What is Aluminum Casting?

Casting is a widely used process to create parts from various metals, mainly for material aluminum, iron, steel and so on..

Aluminum has become one of the most commonly used casting metals because of its versatility and presence in everything from cellphones to airplanes. Aluminum lends itself to many casting processes, allowing manufacturers to produce repeatable products at high volume.

Aluminum casting is a metalworking method that involves heating aluminum to a molten state and pouring it into a mold. There are many ways to cast aluminum, though four of the most common molding methods include permanent mold casting, die casting, low pressure casting and sand casting.

Benefits of Aluminum Casting

Aluminum cast products offer numerous benefits. Aluminum’s physical and chemical properties of aluminum offer the following advantages during casting.

  • Versatility: Because aluminum is a malleable material, it’s possible to cast it into nearly any shape or pattern. This flexibility makes it a desirable material in so many industries.

  • Lightweight: Aluminum is feather-light, which makes it more effective in many applications than other metals like iron or steel.

  • Durability: Though it’s extremely lightweight, aluminum possesses high strength and durability. This property makes aluminum long-lasting.

  • Recyclable: Aluminum is easily recyclable. 

What Industries Use the Aluminum Casting Process?

Aluminum feature makes it suitable for countless applications in a wide range of industries. Here are a few sectors that rely on aluminum:

  • Construction Parts

  • Aerospace Parts

  • Automotive - engine parts, turbocharger parts...

  • Valve and Pump Parts

 Railway Parts

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