Advantages of cast iron automatic molding line

Advantages of cast iron automatic molding line

Why automatic molding is better than other sand casting way? 

Some clients may be wondering why we suggested to produce their iron casting products by automatic molding line, instead of manual sand casting process.

Here I would like to introduce about the advantages of automatic molding process. 
Brief introduction to automatic molding process

Automatic molding process is one of the sand casting process. Only one operator could control the molding machine to complete the whole molding process, so called automatic molding.


Advantages of automatic molding process

1. Because of advanced mechanical automation feature, all sand molds have the same dimensions, tension, moisture content and other properties, so the iron casting pieces have the almost same dimensions and quality is stable. 
Other sand casting way use labors to complete the molding process, which will cause larger dimensional tolerance, difference of casting dimensions. 

2. Because of high tension of sand moulds, there will be less surface defects, such as sand inclusion, air holes, sand holes etc. While other sand casting way will make the parts with many surface defects. 

casting4.jpg3. High production efficiency is also an important advantage. So Automatic molding line is more suitable for batch iron casting production. 

4. The iron castings made by automatic molding line are cheaper than shell molding and furan resin sand castings, while we have even better and more stable quality compred with them. 

We have been in foundry production in China for more then 2 decades, with the development of casting industry in China, we think that the automatic molding process is the best one. Meanwhile with the environment problem become serious, we have imported the environment protecting equipment which can accord to the state requirement! 

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